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Wild Trash? An App can Help

When Holger and I were plogging for the first time on New Year’s Eve, we reported on our interesting rubbish finds. The plan to bring the microwave discovered on a park bench to the recycling center promptly failed because of the time (we went to Lübeck on New Year’s Eve). In addition, the thing is not exactly easy to bring to the recycling yard without a car.

An app against rubbish in nature

So I was all the happier when I accidentally discovered the following app: MÜLLweg!

MÜLLweg! -App: With your smartphone against the trash

The app is just great. You can use this to report exactly such (and other) wild trash to the responsible waste disposal company. You don’t even need to register for this. Simply specify the type of trash object and use the location function to transmit the exact location via coordinates. If you don’t want the latter, you can simply enter an address. If necessary, information on the polluter could be provided, but the field can simply remain empty. If you have any questions, you have to enter your name, telephone number and address. The app now determines the responsible company and generates an email that already contains all the important information including the recipient’s email address. You are welcome to attach a photo of the location to this email before sending it, if available. The whole process may take a minute so really isn’t a huge act!

And it works: the trash gets removed!

The app is available for iPhone and Android. The service can also be used via the homepage of MÜLLweg!. Registration is therefore unnecessary because it is only a matter of sending the data entered about the reporting person via email to the recycling company. This demonstrates a certain seriousness to the recipient and enables queries.

So I was able to report the find immediately after my return on Sunday evening, after I had walked there again to see whether the device was still there (which unfortunately was the case). I have no answer from the disposal company received, but the microwave was gone only a few days later – so it seems to have worked.

I am pleased to be able to do something about the wild trash very easily and without much ado, even if I do not see myself able to remove any, perhaps even bulky, scrap (mattresses, car tires, …) from nature and to dispose of it properly.

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