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The Great Power of Goals

A few years ago, through bullet journaling, I came up with the idea of ​​not focusing exclusively on appointments in my organizer, but much more on myself. In addition to a full-time job, family and studies, I somehow couldn’t manage the creative design of my appointment and life planner, so I finally looked around for a finished model that would meet my requirements. I found it two years ago.

What do I actually want?

Right on the first pages of this business planner (commission link) I’m being made to look seriously at my goals:

 What are my goals?

Life goals, short and long term goals.
I notice that I used to give vague thoughts about this. To really formulate something, to describe it in a tangible way, is not that easy.
So I think, feel inside myself and write down. What do I promise myself from my life, what do I want to achieve, how do I want to be? What is important to me and what should I therefore prioritize? This removes dreams that wobble as future wishes, what do they mean? What’s behind it and why don’t you just tackle it? Suddenly I deal with these questions, which are also somewhat related to the term meaning of life, the description of which always has something philosophical about it.

Unfortunately, I’m not a philosopher, but suddenly I deal with it – just for myself!

Dreams – Goals – Reality

As I write it down, I notice that something is happening. Because there is suddenly black and white, what was otherwise just so latent somewhere deep inside me, it begins to feel more real, accessible. Really becoming aware of these desires and turning them into goals does something to you.

 Writing down goals

In my new, inconspicuously black booklet, there are now pages that enable quarterly planning. Here you can then plan the steps to achieve your goals and follow the progress over the weeks. It doesn’t feel forced at all, either. You almost feel the need to tackle the issues immediately, where you have now formulated them for yourself and thus visualized them. It doesn’t have to be in big steps. You can also start very small, you can find out which path you could take and how to ultimately reach your goal.

And suddenly it happens very quickly

The whole thing now really develops a momentum of its own that I would never have imagined. You have already seen some things here. My deep desire for a certain manageability, emptiness, lightness, real order, … – these needs can be easily summarized under the term minimalism – I’ve already done a pretty good job. Of course there is still more possible (in this context you probably have to write less ), but the first dominoes have already been hit and I notice how more and more of these stones are moving and falling in all possible directions. This also applies to other goals I have formulated, more on that another time.

New year – a new opportunity

Now a new year is just around the corner. The signs are good that 2021 will develop a little more positively than this year. For some, a forced new beginning may be imminent, while the pandemic may have made others aware that they want to change something. Here it can be very helpful to keep your goals in mind. Then you just have to start: What can the small steps look like that you have to implement piece by piece in order to achieve the corresponding goal. And now you plan exactly this. As an appointment, as a to-do, whatever. It is important that you schedule it somehow, i.e. set something like a deadline, so that it is not put off.

It doesn’t hurt!

The hardest part is always getting started. This is not only the case when filing your tax return or clearing out the basement, but also when you make your dreams come true. But once you’ve got the stone rolling, it’s hard to stop it … why should it? 😉

So let’s do it: Let’s fill in the blank pages for our goals in 2021!

 Steps to achieve your goals

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