• Joghurt-Dilemma: Glas+Tierisch vs. Plastik+Vegan
    Kitchen,  Less Waste

    The Yogurt Dilemma

    Until a few years ago I was busy spooning fruit yogurt out of plastic cups. At some point I got tired of producing so much plastic waste and eating so much sugary stuff. So I switched to organic natural yogurt in 500g deposit jars. So far so good. In the meantime, however, I have had more and more doubts as to whether this is actually the ultimate answer. Is it safe to consume dairy products? No, unfortunately not. Consuming dairy products is critical for several reasons: On the one hand, there is the ecological balance of dairy farming: the methane emitted when cows puff and belch is many times more…

  • University

    The Green University – a Checklist

    Universities claim to be innovative and to enable their students to help shape the world of tomorrow responsibly. By far the most important – as simply existential – challenge of this century will be the rapid and consistent anchoring of sustainability in all areas of life. Only in this way can we preserve the chance to limit the consequences of man-made climate change to a tolerable level and to stop the progressive environmental degradation. Universities, as key drivers of innovation in society, have a particularly important task and role model function to face this challenge. But what makes up a “green university”? What significance does sustainability have in everyday student…