• Waschmittel aus Kastanien in einem Glas, das in buntem Herbstlaub steht.
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    How to Wash Ecologically and Inexpensively

    Whenever I washed my laundry with normal organic detergent, I somehow had a bad feeling. These chemicals can’t really be good for the environment or health.Before buying the alternative soapnuts, I shied away because of the significantly higher price. In addition, their transport from India to Germany is anything but ecological. Do the laundry with chestnuts? Then I found out about regional alternatives: Even our ancestors had soap herb valued for its cleaning power. Surprisingly, they also contain ivy leaves washing-active secondary plant substances, so-called saponins. Unfortunately, both plants were not available to me. I was accordingly pleased when I learned that you can also wash with simple horse chestnuts.…