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    Wild Trash? An App can Help

    When Holger and I were plogging for the first time on New Year’s Eve, we reported on our interesting rubbish finds. The plan to bring the microwave discovered on a park bench to the recycling center promptly failed because of the time (we went to Lübeck on New Year’s Eve). In addition, the thing is not exactly easy to bring to the recycling yard without a car. An app against rubbish in nature So I was all the happier when I accidentally discovered the following app: MÜLLweg! The app is just great. You can use this to report exactly such (and other) wild trash to the responsible waste disposal company.…

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    Let’s Go On a Journey

    I am an incredibly positive, optimistic person by nature. Nevertheless, I am more and more frustrated. I show a lack of understanding about what is going so wrong on our planet, especially with regard to the climate and the environment. I am shocked at the unbelievable stupidity of the human species, which rushes into its own ruin with a run-up and full speed. Nature, no thanks!? Climate change – a foretaste? It wasn’t until this summer that we were able to get a very small foretaste of how it could soon be. And what happened? For the most part it was celebrated!? Instead of realizing that drought results in a…