• Waschmittel aus Kastanien in einem Glas, das in buntem Herbstlaub steht.
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    How to Wash Ecologically and Inexpensively

    Whenever I washed my laundry with normal organic detergent, I somehow had a bad feeling. These chemicals can’t really be good for the environment or health.Before buying the alternative soapnuts, I shied away because of the significantly higher price. In addition, their transport from India to Germany is anything but ecological. Do the laundry with chestnuts? Then I found out about regional alternatives: Even our ancestors had soap herb valued for its cleaning power. Surprisingly, they also contain ivy leaves washing-active secondary plant substances, so-called saponins. Unfortunately, both plants were not available to me. I was accordingly pleased when I learned that you can also wash with simple horse chestnuts.…

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    House Dust Allergy – what now?

    I’ve suffered from allergies for as long as I can remember. Contrary to what the headline suggests, I wasn’t diagnosed with a house dust allergy at the time, but one against small animal hair. For me, contact with manageable animals such as B. hamsters or guinea pigs, but also birds (or their feathers, including down) immediately on the lungs. Then, from one second to the next, I simply can’t breathe: asthma. As a first grader, I received this diagnosis from the doctor at the time. Immediately afterwards my hamsters were given away. We also had to move. The doctor said our coal stove wasn’t particularly good for my lung health…