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#stayathome Becomes a “Driving Means”

  • #stayathome: Corona – how staying at home can drive
  • yeast shelf empty, now what? The homemade raising agent
  • Minimalism: Finally time to clean up

When everything suddenly changes

Suddenly everything changes. Suddenly things happen that you have never seen before or thought possible in this country. Our children are no longer allowed to go to school, we have to work from home – as far as possible – or are separated from our work colleagues by plexiglass panels. We avoid other people and have to think about how #stayathome can be reconciled with our weekend relationship. It is clear to us: This is really yowling at a high level, because at the same time other people are concerned about financial or even health survival.

Little rodents everywhere

We have been doing too well so far. Fortunately, we didn’t have to experience any wars or catastrophes, and we didn’t necessarily have the feeling that this would change so quickly (the climate crisis left out for a moment). People took their freedom for granted, and so did well-stocked supermarket shelves.

Unfortunately we have not, as the federal government has recommended over and over again, to have a stock for at least 14 days. Suddenly we see shelves that are completely empty from” hamster purchases “. The corona pandemic reveals: toilet paper is very, very important to Germans. And yeast – fresh or dry – is suddenly in great demand.

About bacteria and yeasts

I bake a lot myself, rarely buy bread – because we have Fips .

Fips is our rye sourdough approach. A few months ago I tried out instructions from the internet that explain how to make a own sourdough starter. Perhaps you still remember Hermann, who made the rounds especially in the 80s? Since I know that you can simply let yeast and bacteria develop into a sourdough approach yourself, Fips has been part of the family. It is kept warm, fed, and if I have to leave it alone for a few days, it comes well protected in the refrigerator.

I like to write a little more about Fips elsewhere. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need additional yeast for sourdough bread – in contrast to the spelled or whole wheat rolls that I occasionally bake at the weekend. This wholemeal bread roll recipe is perfect because you don’t really get it anymore in the morning More effort than with Aufbackbrötchen from the plastic bag. And you know that you really eat whole grains and have good ingredients in them. So what should you do if you can’t get any more yeast in the supermarket?

In times of this pandemic and shortage, the knowledge of our great-grandparents suddenly finds its way onto the Internet and thus spread. Here and there, attention is drawn to the fact that you can also make raising agents yourself – so-called wild yeast. That was totally new to me – and absolutely had to be tried.

Keep cool

Because of the long storage time (overnight in the refrigerator), you need significantly less yeast for the bread roll dough than usual. So this recipe seemed perfect for getting your first experience with wild yeast. This should not be quite as strong as one is used to from dry yeast or fresh yeast.

According to this recipe I made the wild yeast and put it on the kitchen heater for fips. After a week of observation and regular shaking, the time had come.

A glass with clear liquid and a date, another glass with cloudy liquid and foam formation: wild yeast

Wild yeast

I replaced the liquid in the recipe with the yeast water, otherwise everything was done as usual. After the small dough pieces were properly sanded sanded, placed in the mold and sprinkled with poppy seeds and sesame seeds, they came overnight back in the fridge.

# stayathome: Close-up of a bread roll dough with poppy seeds, prepared with wild yeast.

In the morning I’m really excited to go to the kitchen …
… to experience this disappointment there:

Eight small rolls Dough in a springform pan.

They weren’t really up! 🙁
But I didn’t want to give up the rolls completely. So I just put them in the oven, which was slightly warmed by the oven lamp, for a few hours and hoped that the heat would activate the self-made raising agent.

Minimalism: The big mucking out

Oops, suddenly another topic? No, just a little interlude while the rolls rise in the oven – so hopefully!

I think the idea of ​​minimalism is great. Years ago I thought the concept was worth striving for, but I haven’t really got it into implementation. For some time now I have noticed how much I aim to live more , and above all lighter , through less. My dream is to be with my partner someday (when the children are fully fledged) in an Tiny House – and for that you have to reduce yourself to the essentials in your property. Because I find clutter and overcrowded cupboards more and more a burden, I didn’t want to wait so long to clear out until the move might be due. With a full-time job and part-time studies, it’s not that easy in terms of time. Here and there I had already sorted something out, but everything else still had to wait.

#stayathome: Finally time

Due to the corona situation and the associated #stayathome obligation, which had taken the place of our Easter holiday, I was now driven to finally get started: The wardrobe is now significantly reduced – it is only about a third of the Items of clothing left over, i.e. the things that I actually wear.

Lots of pounds paper (study transcripts, printouts, journals, old documents) and lots of stuff ended up in the trash, on Ebay classifieds, on or on Kleiderkreisel. (Flea market and my beloved Glückslokal are no options at the moment, unfortunately.) It’s amazing how much money comes together, although I also gave a lot away. My magazine subscription has been canceled so as not to accumulate so many issues again soon. We were able to dismantle a 1m wide and collapsing wardrobe, as there is now a lot of space on the other (and fortunately more stable) side of the wardrobe.

 #stayathome: A wardrobe that is only half full.

A clothes rack conjured up from the cellar is now in place of the disposed half of the cupboard.
The whole thing is really incredibly liberating. For me, this should only be the prelude to increasingly critically question my consumption and possessions, even after #stayathome. In addition, the basement and attic are still waiting for a clearing-out cure – but I will only start when a bulky waste collection is possible again.

Oh yes …

… there is still something in the oven.
After hours of parting with things, constantly running back to the garbage can and indulging in old memories, it occurred to me that I still had the dough pieces in the oven. I looked curiously to see what had become of them:

#stayathome: Wild yeast - homemade wholemeal bread rolls with poppy seeds and sesame

* Screech! *
Instead of breakfast, the now wonderfully risen rolls were finally served for dinner – and they were super delicious!

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