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Good Resolutions… New Year, New Luck?

It feels absolutely good, so pure, like a blank page on which a new story will soon emerge. Everything is still open, everything is possible. Such a break, i.e. the turn of the year, always harbors the possibility or at least the hope of a positive change – in the form of good resolutions.
In the last year a lot went really well for me! So all in all, I can look back on a very, very beautiful, incredibly loving and happy year. But some things did not go so well either, and it is precisely these that need to be changed this year, which I became particularly aware of in the run-up to Christmas.

What’s wrong?

I still study alongside work … and have been for 9 semesters, so 4 ½ years. During this time, shift and weekend shifts had to be coordinated with college appointments, family life and other private appointments. Unfortunately, hobbies, friends and the extended family circle repeatedly fell behind. I would also have loved to have had more time for activities with my daughter. Unfortunately, in times of stress I always fell back into old patterns: When supplies were running out, I quickly went to the supermarket or organic market on the corner and then, when I needed it, bought plastic-wrapped items instead of at the weekly market or a little further away Unpacked store. I also did less things myself again, although I always have a lot of fun doing it. So my stress level was always easy to observe from the amount of accumulated garbage. I also had a latent sleep deficit of about an hour a day for most of the year.

“Goals” sounds better than “resolutions”

The turn of the year brought a big change for me: I changed jobs within the company. So the next few weeks will mean for me: familiarization with a new job. Basically great and really exciting. However, this also means that instead of 75% I will be working full again. Since I still want to heed the things that were neglected last year, it is now even more important not to lose sight of the following goals:

  • Live even more sustainably
  • Cause significantly less waste
  • Have more quality time with my daughter
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Finally pay more attention to entsesselt.de
  • Go to bed earlier to get enough sleep
  • Do more sports – I already have a lot of exercise, but unfortunately real sport is always neglected
  • Take fewer courses during your studies and accept that it will take a little longer to graduate (but the end is in sight).
  • Experience more “first times” and little adventures 🙂
  • Live more minimalism – own less, consume less
  • go plogging again and again
  • meditate regularly

Break new ground

So far I haven’t been the kind of person who has thought about resolutions for the New Year, I just didn’t see any need to do so. However, my life has felt more and more full over the last few years and is now pretty tight. Unplanned things like a weekend sick in bed, spontaneous additional tasks or a sick child at home always brought everything out of sync pretty quickly and resulted in one or the other “private night shift”. Here I would like to regain more personal freedom. For example, by planning even more foresight, keep adding buffers and straightening everything out a little. Since I’m not really the planning type (but a master of improvisation), that will certainly be the hardest for me. But maybe I can learn a little something from Holger. 😉
Otherwise, I’ll try not to be distracted by notifications and social media feeds on my smartphone every now and then.

What kind of resolutions do you have? Have you been able to successfully implement goals in the past year?
If you are still looking for an inspiration for positive changes, you might come across Utopia.de.

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