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Christmas: The Great Consumer Frenzy

It is the run up to Christmas. It is exactly that time of the year when pretty much everyone is wondering what presents to give whom for Christmas. Anyone who is well ahead of it has already obtained the first gifts or at least already created an overview of gift ideas. Those who are far from that far begin to get more and more stressed with each day that the festival of love approaches. In any case, the retail sector is looking forward to it, as it benefits mercilessly from consumption at Christmas.

Presents for Christmas

Basically, I don’t mind giving each other gifts. I like the positive excitement about giving presents – but above all because I am always happy about the reactions of those who receive my presents.

What we often do not think about during this time, however, are the consequences, the extent of this mere consumption. A consumption that is usually anything but sustainable. This topic is always important. But right now at Christmas time we would like to remind you of a film that was made about 11 years ago. Unfortunately, it has not lost its relevance at all.

The Story of Stuff

The American Annie Leonard has been actively committed to environmental protection and sustainability for many years. With this film about the life cycle of goods and their effects on people and nature, she has created a real community: The Story of Stuff Project.
The project draws attention to a wide variety of problems through videos and campaigns, develops teaching materials for teachers inside and much more.

Utopia translated this film, which coined the name of the project, into German a few years ago. Perhaps you recognize the prominent voice that lies above the English original. 😉

The film “The Story of Stuff” presents us easily understandable the connections and imbalances of our economic system. He also shows the terrible consequences of our consumption. It makes it abundantly clear that we as consumers, and especially world trade, urgently need to make fundamental changes. Unfortunately that has not happened so far. The need for action is growing. Instead of acting in the right direction, the consumer screw is turned more and more tightly until it finally loses its hold and everything breaks – after tight comes loose . In the end we pay everyone for this stupid, destructive way of life. And right now, at Christmas, this is unfortunately reaching its peak again.

Personal consequences

After seeing this film again, this Christmas I will be even more consciously choosing sustainable gifts. For mums, dads and all other close relatives and friends, the following applies: They all certainly prefer something homemade with love or just spending time together . A voucher for nice moments together, such as B. an invitation to have a coffee, a concert visit, a small wellness weekend (inexpensive in your own four walls) or a similar joint venture would even be fun for both of you. That is much nicer than always giving away stuff that was created under dire conditions, the recipient may just be standing around and possibly disposed of again very quickly.

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