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    I Don’t Buy Anything!

    That was the name of a book I read a few years ago. The author Nunu Kaller reports in this about her refusal to consume: A year without new clothes and styling accessories. Fortunately, I have no shopping problem at all when it comes to clothing, but – perhaps rather untypical for “cliché girls” – but with the purchase of new technical gadgets. I have now made myself clear about that more under control. The extensive sale of superfluous things does something to you. The more I deal with the topics of minimalism and frugalism, the easier it is for me to imagine doing the same as the author, albeit…

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    #stayathome Becomes a “Driving Means”

    #stayathome: Corona – how staying at home can drive yeast shelf empty, now what? The homemade raising agent Minimalism: Finally time to clean up When everything suddenly changes Suddenly everything changes. Suddenly things happen that you have never seen before or thought possible in this country. Our children are no longer allowed to go to school, we have to work from home – as far as possible – or are separated from our work colleagues by plexiglass panels. We avoid other people and have to think about how #stayathome can be reconciled with our weekend relationship. It is clear to us: This is really yowling at a high level, because…

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    No more Paper Flood, please!

    Everyone is talking about plastic waste. That is good and important. The massive waste of paper attracts much less attention. Nevertheless, it can’t be overlooked if you just pay a little attention to it. Unwanted advertising in the mailbox – who doesn’t know that? Brochures, flyers, advertising papers – week after week. This annoying anachronism is kept alive mainly by our own habit and indolence (“It has always been like this.”). We can all do something about the flood of paper with little effort – just by changing our behavior a little. Paper waste in the mail box The non-profit initiative Letzte Werbung (“last advertisement”) has calculated that every household…