• Destruktive Geschäftsbanken: Geldschein klemmt in einem Baumstumpf.
    Climate Crisis,  Money

    Is Your Bank also Investing in the Destruction of Our Future?

    Next week I’ll be at the Klima-Café Plus Lübeck to give a presentation on sustainable banks. I take this as an opportunity to dedicate two blog posts to this topic. 🙂 Here’s part one – on destructive commercial banks and their climate-damaging investments. (For part two, see Sustainable banks – every euro is a ballot!) What have banks got to do with the climate crisis? While the corona pandemic dominates the media, the climate crisis continues unabated. Even if the seriousness of the situation has not yet been realized by everyone, many people now know what they can do to make their personal contribution to climate protection: Use bicycles, buses…