• Gegen die Papierflut: Symbolbild "Keine Werbung"
    Minimalism,  Zero Waste

    No more Paper Flood, please!

    Everyone is talking about plastic waste. That is good and important. The massive waste of paper attracts much less attention. Nevertheless, it can’t be overlooked if you just pay a little attention to it. Unwanted advertising in the mailbox – who doesn’t know that? Brochures, flyers, advertising papers – week after week. This annoying anachronism is kept alive mainly by our own habit and indolence (“It has always been like this.”). We can all do something about the flood of paper with little effort – just by changing our behavior a little. Paper waste in the mail box The non-profit initiative Letzte Werbung (“last advertisement”) has calculated that every household…

  • No Poo - gesundes Haar ohne Shampoo
    Bathroom,  Less Waste,  Lifestyle

    No Poo – Hair Care without Shampoo

    No Poo stands for No Shampoo. At the same time, however, it is a little play on words that should mean something like no shit. No Poo describes hair cleansing that does not use conventional shampoo, but natural alternatives. No poo instead of shampoo Why all that? Because the shampoo, which is so beloved because of its beautiful scent, unfortunately also includes plastic packaging, silicones, sulfates, microplastics, etc. This pollutes the environment, our hair and our own body. Our scalp reacts to the washing out of all the body’s own care substances inevitably by to produce more and more, which leads to hair that becomes greasy quickly. So we wash…

  • Zwiebeln werden zugefügt.
    Kitchen,  Lifestyle,  Recipes

    Vegan Onion Meat Prepared Quickly

    On our social media channels Instagram and Facebook we reported that we made vegan onion meat ourselves last week. We were then asked about the recipe, and of course we would like to share that with you. Its taste is really close to that of the meaty variant, according to Holger, who, as a still quite fresh vegetarian, can definitely judge it. 😉 You don’t even have to go shopping, because in addition to pepper, salt and water, the list contains just three other ingredients that you might even already have at home. Recipe: Vegan onion meat ready in just 5 minutes   Holger crumbled the rice cakes. I, on…